Your Website from Shrewdies: ShrewdSite

ShrewdSite is the working title of our relaunched, managed WordPress website service.

If you want to go it alone, or if you are tied into a current hosting plan that you cannot transfer, this article is not for you. The rest of this website is full of good advice and guidelines to help you deploy your own website. You can search for specific topics easily, using the search boxes near the top and bottom of each page.

We can help you manage your own self-managed website, or advise you what you should instruct your technical support to do. We can even provide detailed installation and management plans for your website. The core of our business is to help website owners manage their own resources to run their websites how they want to. Shrewdies managed websites are for busy web business owners, who need to devote time to running their business. If you want to manage your own website, please follow our guidelines on this website. If you need help interpreting our guidelines for your specific circumstances, please ask in the website support forum.

If you are the busy business manager, who wants to rely on business professionals to manage the technical issues, then our managed website service, ShrewdSite, is for you.

We know that business owners need to balance costs of buying-in technical support against time that could be used marketing and improving the business. That balancing act is different from one business to the next, and so we offer a range of managed hosting plans. Before I describe those, I would like to explain some unique benefits of all our services.

Shrewdies Values – Shrewdies Value

Our principles are important to us. We do not exploit people, we exploit opportunities.

I’ll be writing more about Shrewdies Values in due course, but the most relevant one here is our Value Principle. We believe that the value of our services to you must be worth more than we charge you for providing them. It is the shrewd way. It is the Shrewdies Way.

If you can earn $100 per hour for your business, and deploying a website takes 4 hours, then the cost of doing it yourself is $400. The cost of a basic managed WordPress website is $80 (£50). The choice is yours.

We can support you if you want to deploy your own WordPress website. Remember, though, this is a project you are unlikely to undertake often. If you value your time too much to spend it learning how to deploy a website, then we will do it for you.

Your Website from Shrewdies

We are finalizing the price list, but it will include:

ShrewdSite Preparation Service
A vital, yet often overlooked process, where we assess your business and community requirements and objectives. From a written interview, we follow up salient details, and prepare your Deployment Project Plan. This ensures that your website is fit for purpose from day one. No time wasted on irrelevant processes. No vital procedures missed. Plan your website the Shrewdies Way.
ShrewdSite Basic Managed Information Website
Your website installed on our sever configured to work properly. We provide essential plugins, vital configuration, and recommended integration with services such as Google Analytics. It is an annual service that includes:

  • Upgrade check
  • Suitability for mobile audience
  • Recommendations for content publishing/promotion to improve the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPIs are indicated in your Deployment Plan, or annual check previous reports.

ShrewdSite Basic Managed Community Website
As Information Website, but with spam controls, community enhancements, and guidelines to encourage relevant content from your visitors. Guidelines include recommendations for building your audience, as well as technical guides for day-to-day monitoring and supervision tasks.
ShrewdSite Themed Managed Website
Information or Community Website with your own unique theme. Includes a full graphics pack for branding your own website, and social networking sites such as Facebook and Google+.
ShrewdSite Complete Managed Website
You have your unique business needs, and we have unique technical and consultancy skills to help you fill those needs. If you need more than a standard package, we will create your own service plan. It might include managing your social network, it might include seeding your community. Whatever you need to make sure you are running your website the Shrewdies Way.

Your Website from Shrewdies: Next Steps

If you need help deploying a website now, please discuss your needs in the website support forum.

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