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Keith Taylor Privacy Policy

by Keith Taylor

Keith Taylor Privacy Policy Status

This is a first draft of a privacy policy that can be adapted for all my websites. The purpose of this page is to explain common website privacy issues. Then to explain how each website satisfies privacy concerns. Therefore, I will:

  1. Publish this in draft form.
  2. Create a PROSPRA project for Privacy Policy creation.
  3. Generate a working template and a corresponding policy for this website
  4. Create a PROSPRA project for ongoing Privacy Policy maintenance.

For related information about how I plan to #BuildInPublic with PROSPRA browse PROSPRA Activities Arranger

Keith Taylor Privacy

My view of website privacy is that I will do all I can to ensure your privacy needs are met. So that means that you must be clear about your needs. And I must be clear about how I meet those needs.

I assume that anyone who is serious about website privacy is browsing using the Brave Browser. So I’ll use their features to explain how to ensure that Keith Taylor’s Internet Content meets your privacy standards.

What is Website Privacy?

First, there are general website privacy issues that every website needs to address. Then there are your individual views on these issues that set your Website Privacy Standards. So if you don’t have your Website Privacy Standards, then website privacy policies are meaningless. Therefore, I’ll address the 4 common website privacy concerns[1]:

Privacy Concerns (PCON): [...] 1. I am concerned that the information I submit to this website could be misused. 2. I am concerned that others can find private information about me from this website. 3. I am concerned about providing personal information to this website, because of what others might do with it. 4. I am concerned about providing personal information to this website, because it could be used in a way I did not foresee.

Unfortunately, most privacy policies try to address those concerns through jargon-ridden legalese. At best, this confuses visitors and at worst, it misleads them. So I attempt to explain exactly how I interpret these privacy issues. That way, you might discuss your concerns with your professional legal advisers. So that you can be certain that Keith Taylor is not tricking you into providing information outside your privacy standards.

Private Information Submission

Most importantly, I do not ask you to submit any information to Keith Taylor’s Internet Content. However, there is a gray area whereby some technical information might be submitted automatically by your browser. But you are in control of this. So you should consult your legal advisers for personal advice. Because what follows is my interpretation of this technical information. And though I am well-meaning, I have no legal or Internet technology qualifications.

Private Information Security

Private Information Access

Private Information Usage

Website Privacy Information Summary

Strictly speaking, Keith Taylor’s Internet Content does not accept any information from visitors. However, I use third party services that can provide me with statistics that help me manage the website. Though these statistics cannot identify any individual, you might not want to contribute your data. So here is a summary of how you can configure your browser to ensure Keith Taylor’s Internet Content meets your Website Privacy Standards.

Referring back to the 4 primary website privacy concerns above, I address these as follows:

  1. Keith Taylor’s Internet Content does not store any information from visitors. But it does use third party services which you can turn off in your browser.
  2. Because Keith Taylor’s Internet Content does not store information,

Keith Taylor Privacy Policy

My policy for Keith Taylor is to ensure your privacy needs are met in full.

Keith Taylor Privacy

Your Keith Taylor Privacy Concerns

You can see that my main concern is to ensure that I resolve all your privacy issues. So I hope my Keith Taylor Privacy Policy satisfies your privacy needs. But if not, you have to tell me what I need to change.

First, check if anyone else shares your concerns at Keith Taylor’s Internet Content Issues. Or start a new issue if your concerns are not already being discussed. Remember, you are responsible for defining your privacy needs and ensuring those needs are met.

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Keith Taylor Privacy Policy References

  1. Xu, Heng, Tamara Dinev, Jeff Smith, and Paul Hart. "Information privacy concerns: Linking individual perceptions with institutional privacy assurances." Journal of the Association for Information Systems 12, no. 12 (2011): 1.