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Working Towards Web3

by Keith Taylor

Having recently discovered the joys of Web3, I want to start moving some (or all) of my content onto the Hive blockchain. So I'll plan new projects for GoutPal and Foodary. While using my main Hive account to support (or replace) this blog.

Hive Rewards Week

Currently, Hive rewards for blog content are paid one week after publication. Based on the number, size, and value of upvotes. Then, authoring and curating rewards cease. Although, LeoFinance is looking to extend its advertising-based rewards to older content.

Pending that, I plan to use older content to attract traffic to my relevant Web2 content.

So-called SEO

Some useful on-page SEO properties are recognized throughout the general Hive community. However, lots of fundamentals regarding purpose, quality, and keyword management are missing.

So I will develop SEO-friendly workflows for my Web3 content. Which, for me, means adapting my Web2 workflows to include Web3 for:

  1. 7-day revenue generation
  2. Promotion of my older Web2 content
  3. Audience engagement with a view to long-term community growth.

Also, I'll explain why I refer to "So-called SEO"

Current Web3 Content.

Keith Taylor's Web3 Blog includes most of my Web3 content. But is most important to me for unveiling my interests. Because I reblog articles that interest me. Especially where I have commented on them.

Keith Taylor's Web3 Posts is an auto-generated list of all my Web3 posts. But it does not include Threads.

Keith Taylor's Web3 Threads is my Web3 alternative to my Keith Taylor's Twitter feed. Currently, I'm trying to push more short form content. Which is challenging after decades of focusing on long form content.

Keith Taylor Interests

Using my Web3 Blog and Threads feeds, I'll begin to categorize my interests here. Eventually generating separate index pages for my main interests.


Besides GoutPal and Foodary, I'm interested in many aspects of health and wellbeing:

Hive Blockchain

I'm definitely in the phase of learning here. Though, I hope to be able to mentor other Web3 converts in the future. But first, I will wait for the new LeoFinance onboarding and adoption campaigns.

Web1 to Web2 to Web3
Web1 to Web2 to Web3

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