How do Comments make Better Content?
See how we all benefit from authoring comments.

Authoring Comments Makes Better Content

by Keith Taylor

Comments can make or break a webpage. So get it wrong, and risk offensive spam and boring repetition. Or get it right and gain better understanding for everyone.

There is an important point that website authors and publishers must grasp. Comments form a collaboration between readers and writers. So that collaboration must be managed.

Introducing Authoring Comments

I perform 3 different roles when I create Internet content - writer, publisher, and author. I’ll expand on these roles elsewhere. But for now, my simplified view is that I start by writing about my own questions, experiences, and opinions. Then my publisher role presents it to you. And my writer role gets on with the next great ideas.

As I take on the author role, I get feedback from many sources. As well as my own critical reviews. But my best feedback comes from readers who tell me what they think about my ideas.

When I realize something is missing from my article, I add comments. Note that these are separate from the article. Though I might make small adjustments in the article to reflect those comments. Eventually, it becomes time for a critical review. Then I usually absorb the comments into a republished revision of the article.

In this way, my Internet content grows and adapts to reflect changing knowledge. And also to reflect the changing needs of my readers.

Comments Create Content

Websites are a great way for me to share information that I have learned. But your perspective is different from mine. So I might have missed something important to you. Or I might have failed to explain how you apply my information to your circumstances. Sometimes, I make mistakes.

In all these situations, feedback from you helps me improve the contents of my pages. I can make better content. Such as:

  • Correcting spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • Adding extra explanations.
  • Structuring my pages better.
  • Reorganizing information across related pages.

Comments, Contact, & Collaboration

From your point of view, comments are the best way to make contact with me. That may be to ask a question, share an experience, or express an opinion. You might be wanting to learn more. Or to try and sell me something. Whatever the reason, your feedback on a page…

  • Shows me what you’re interested in.
  • Allows other like-minded people to join a discussion.
  • Lets us share learning experiences.
  • Introduces us, allowing us to agree on a private channel where appropriate.

So by contacting me with comments, we can start collaborating on better content. That brings benefits to both of us. But it also helps future readers with improved information.

Authoring Comments Summary

Comments are part of a collaboration system. Where the benefits are better understanding and knowledge for everyone. By giving feedback you get the extra information you want. Then that is also available for other people.

Authoring & Publishing Comments
Authoring & Publishing Comments

Authoring Your Comments

You’ve learned how I handle comments. More importantly, you have the foundation for your next step in the collaboration process - send me your feedback!

Remember, you can send feedback about any of my Internet Content. Maybe you have nothing to contribute to this page? Then search and follow links to collect more related information.

Whenever you have questions, experiences, or opinions, it’s time to send me your feedback. So join all relevant Keith Taylor discussions. But if there are no discussions relevant to you, start a new discussion about your concerns.

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