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Calling All WordPress Transmigration Experts

by Keith Taylor

Introducing WordPress Transmigration

Around 3 years ago, I wanted to move some websites from WordPress to static sites. Recently, I’ve started the actual transfer process. Along the way, I introduced ‘WordPress Transmigration’ as my term for this process. So, here’s a summary of (some of) the story so far…

What is Transmigration?

Firstly, why move away from WordPress? Mainly because it’s becoming too cumbersome for my needs. But that does not mean that I have discarded WordPress entirely. After all, WordPress is the most popular platform for websites. So I’ll use it where necessary. Just not on my mainstay - information websites with no great database requirement.

I explained that in my Introduction to After WordPress on Netlify. Now you can see that it has taken me 2 years to move forward to what I now call WordPress Transmigration.

Along the way, it has been difficult to find information that is truly focussed on practical ways to change from WordPress to static sites. Probably because there is no established name for the procedure.

Especially troublesome terms include ‘exporting’ and ‘migration’. Because I’ve found that searching for these terms give lots of articles. But most are concerned with moving from one WordPress installation to a new server. And even when I focus on ‘static site’ with ‘WordPress’ searches I rarely see results that explain the whole process.

So while I was trying to find better search terms, my thesaurus mentioned ‘transmigration’. Unfortunately, the term has some dodgy connotations. But the best definitions I found came when comparing migration and transmigration. Then it became clear that ‘migration’ relates to a temporary resettlement such as birds in winter. Whereas ‘transmigration’ is “Departure from one’s native land to settle in another”

As such, that infers a need for good planning, preparation, and performance. Followed by an adjustment period where adopting new customs and language are vital. So I intend to explain all those stages on PROSPRA and on Shrewdies, as appropriate.

Leading WordPress Transmigration Experts

During development of my WordPress Transmigration procedures I adopted the term gradually. However, I never checked if it was a term in common use. Probably because I realized that my way of evolving website content is different. But I’ll cover that elsewhere.

This morning, I decided to search for specific “WordPress Transmigration”. So I was not surprised to find only 8 results. But I was delighted to find my PROSPRA project at the top of the results.

I’ve reformatted the top 7 results to fit the screenshot below. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an easy way to fit the 8th result. However, it is a rogue result from some spammy list that includes an accidental collision of ‘WordPress’ with ‘Transmigration’. So best ignored!

Of the 7 results shown:

  • I’m #1!
  • #2-4 seem related. So, I’ll be researching that Tumblr project and reporting back later.
  • #5-7 are GitHub results that I will investigate soon.

During my investigations, I’ll be looking for potential collaborations. But irrespective of that, I’ll develop my own WordPress Transmigration expertise. Then I’ll pass on my knowledge with explanations, templates, and plans.

WordPress Transmigration Summary

I may consider offering a paid WordPress Transmigration service. But my main focus is to document the procedures so that people can do it themselves.

Ideally, I can collaborate with other WordPress Transmigration experts. Then we can cover more use cases. Also, I’m unlikely to consider paid services without the support of a like-minded team.

WordPress Transmigration Experts
Search Results for "WordPress Transmigration"

Your WordPress Transmigration

You’ve learned about WordPress Transmigration. But are you an expert? Or do you need help from one? Either way, I need your input to create more help services. So please collaborate by sharing your questions, experiences, or opinions.

Think about how you are affected by WordPress Transmigration. Maybe you want to search here and follow links to collect more related information. Then join the discussion(s) about WordPress Transmigration. But if there are no discussions relevant to you, start a new discussion about WordPress Transmigration.

Leave WordPress Transmigration to read more Keith Taylor’s Blog Articles. Or click a tag button to read related information.

WordPress Transmigration Comments

Keith Taylor visitor responses and associated research include:

Netlify Examples

Netlify introduced me to the technique of hosting Jamstack websites. Then my eyes opened to the possibilities of fast, free hosting in the Cloud. AKA Serverless Hosting. But shortly after I discovered it, Cloudflare announced a similar service: Cloudflare Pages. So I created a few starter sites in Netlify while waiting to see if the Cloudflare offer would work for me.

As time allows, I’ll revisit my Netlify experiments to judge if any are worth continuing. Because diversity is good for me. Also, I see no reason why WordPress sites cannot be transmigrated to Netlify for any site owners who prefer it.