Can you make long-term income from Web3 Hive content?
Sink your keith into Web3 Monetization.

Moving Towards Web3 Monetization

by Keith Taylor

I've completed the Proof Of Concept for my Web3 project. Proving that it is realistic to continue earning from Hive content after Hive Rewards Week. In fact, I've introduced the term, Hive Afterweek, to describe the earning period outside Hive Rewards. Which is essentially Web2 marketing monetization applied to Web3 content.

Moving Towards Web3

So, Shrewdies3, my Web3 version of Shrewd Learning, is not a pure Web3 project. Since it is still Web2 hosted, via Cloudflare Pages. And Web2 monetized, via Google AdSense. Though, I hope to diversify my monetization sources as soon as I attract worthwhile traffic.

But I'm definitely moving towards Web3. So I asked Canva for the image (above and below) with the prompt: Excitedly moving from Web2 towards Web3 using the Hive blockchain.

Working Towards Web3

After I wrote Working Towards Web3, I used my Web3 content links to promote my links to search engines. As it was impossible to submit them directly from any Hive frontend platform, But now, I can successfully submit as much content as I want. Either my own, or any other content that interests me. So, I'm almost ready to promote Shrewdies3. However, I need a week or three to finalize my publishing and promotion routines. Also, to iron out some small bugs in the interface.

Evergreen Hive Content

Once I identify potential evergreen Hive content, I annotate the page in preparation for promoting it on This serves twin purposes:

  • Occasional referrals from
  • Summary information where I can easily find it for my presentation
Moving Towards Web3
Moving Towards Web3

Moving Towards Web3 - Next Steps

Now, I've found evergreen content that I can monetize in the Hive Afterweek. So I'm refining my workflows to make this process as efficient as I can.

Part of my workflow is to report on new content that I'm promoting. But I'm not quite ready to do that on the Hive platform. So I'll use this blog to publish those update reports.

For now, you can follow my progress in Keith Taylor's ShrewdNotes. But when I produce my reports, I'll focus on specific subjects. Including Learning, Drawing, Earning, Cooking, etc.

Leave Moving Towards Web3 Monetization to read Keith Taylor's Internet Content Blog.